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ELA artist

I would describe my art style as expressive, colorful and sensitive. Reflection, exchange and connection are at the heart of my creative process. Through my work, I want to touch you by transporting you to another universe. Sometimes it is translated by a quick brushstroke; a texture that makes the work fragile or imposing;  a choice of a drawing rather than a painting medium, or a personalized portrait  which invites you to see beyond appearances.


With Les ateliers de l'artiste, you will discover a unique and personalized teaching method. The combination of my training in set and costume design, as well as my studies in specialized education, allow me to offer a service adapted to your needs. I have more than 8 years of experience in artistic education. Already, at 2 years old, I dragged my drawing case everywhere  I was going!  


Behind each student hides an artist who wants to be revealed. My role; be their mirror and accompany them in the  search for their artistic identity. My years of human relations and artistic experience allow me today to quickly understand the strengths and challenges of each of my students. At their pace, we discover the mediums that allow them to express themselves freely.


It is a dream come true to be the founder of Les ateliers de l'artiste. All this is possible thanks to my students who choose to trust me and take the big leap, or small steps with me.

Thank you for believing in the artist in you!

ELA Artist

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